The winner of the Europa Song Contest is selected by a positional voting system.

Highest scores

Top 10 participants by number of votes

This table shows top 10 participating songs (both winning and non-winning) by the number of votes cast.

Edn. Country Artist Song Points Percentage of points
#03 Flag Of Greece Greece Eleni Foureira "Mono Gia Sena" 277 10.85%
#01 Flag of Germany Germany Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna" 156 8.15%
#03Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Krystl"Losing My Head" 201 7.87%
#05 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine The Hardkiss "Antarctica" 403 7.80%
#06 Flag of Iceland Iceland iLL Blu ft. Glowie "Tribalist" 410 7.36%
#05 Flag of Hungary Hungary Tolvai Reni ft. Kállay Saunders "Say" 377 7.30%
#01 Flag Of Greece Greece Tamta "Unloved" 123 6.42%
#06 Flag of FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia Generdyn ft. FJØRA "Bridges" 354 6.35%
#06 Flag Of Greece Greece Melina Makri "Thirio" 352 6.32%
#07 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna" 350 6.28%

Scoring no points


Edition Country Artist Song
#03 Flag of Morocco Morocco Ahmed Chawki "Tsunami"