The first winner, Oonagh.

Six songs have won the Europa Song Contest, a competition organized by members of the European Broadcasting Union. The contest has been held once in about one or two months since its debut in February 2017. The contest's winner has been determined using a basic voting method; awarding points to countries by juries and/or televoters. The country awarded the most points is declared the winner.

Germany won the first contest, held in Bulgaria.


Edn Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city
#01 Flag of Germany Germany Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna" 156 33 Flag Of Greece Greece Flag of Bulgaria Sofia
#02 Flag of Sweden Sweden Mariette "A Million Years" 141 13 Flag of Malta Malta Flag of Germany Oldenburg
#03 Flag Of Greece Greece Eleni Foureira "Mono Gia Sena" 277 76 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Flag of Sweden Malmö
#04 Flag of Iceland Iceland Gladius ft. Klara Elias "The Lunatics" 330 7 Flag of Moldova Moldova Flag of Greece Thessaloniki
#05 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine The Hardkiss "Antarctica" 403 26 Flag of Hungary Hungary Flag of Iceland Reykjavík
#06 Flag of Iceland Iceland iLL Blu ft, Glowie Tribalist" 410 56 Flag of FYR Macedonia Macedonia Flag of Ukraine Dnipro
#07 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna" 350 0 Flag of Serbia Serbia Flag of Iceland Akranes

By country

ESC winners map.svg
Map showing each country's number of Europa wins up to the first edition.
Wins Country Editions
2 Flag of Iceland Iceland #04, #06
1 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina #07
Flag of Germany Germany #01
Flag Of Greece Greece #03
Flag of Sweden Sweden #02
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine #05

By language

Wins Language Editions
3 English #02, #04, #06
1 Bosnian #07
German #01
Greek #03
Ukrainian #05

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