Europa Song Contest 7
Do It All
ESC 7 Logo
Semi-final 1 date 18 July 2018
Semi-final 2 date 20 July 2018
Final date TBD August 2018
Venue Akranesvöllur
Akranes, Iceland
Presenter(s) Greta Salóme
Broadcaster RÚV
Entries 48
Debuting None
Returning Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of France France
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Withdrawing Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
System Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting.
Europa Song Contest
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Europa Song Contest 7, often referred to as ESC 7, was the seventh edition of the Europa Song Contest. It was held in Akranes, Iceland as it was the host's country chose Akranesvöllur while Greta Salóme was selected as the presenter. Forty-eight countries participated in the edition including Austria, France, Slovakia, and Turkey returning with Austria after two editions, and the rest after a one-edition break. However, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Liechtenstein and Montenegro announced their withdrawal from the seventh edition.


Akranes was settled in the 9th century by the brothers Þormóður and Ketill, sons of Bresi. They came from Ireland. The town started to form in the mid-17th century as a fishing village. In 1942, it was formally chartered, and in the following years it had the biggest surge in population in its history. Industry has been a big and growing employer: a cement plant has been operated in the town since the 1950s, and an aluminum smelting plant has been in operation near the town since 1998. The fishing industry remains the town's most important source of employment, but commerce is also a significant employer as Akranes acts as a service center for a large rural region surrounding it. The town is expected to grow further in the coming years because of growing industry and improvements of transportation to the Reykjavík area, following the construction of the 5.57 km-long (3.46 mi) Hvalfjörður Tunnel which was opened in 1998, one of the world's longest underwater road tunnels. Akranes has a strong football tradition. The local team, ÍA, has for many years been among the best of the Icelandic football league. Former Sheffield Wednesdayand Arsenal midfielder Siggi Jonsson was born in Akranes and had three spells as a player with ÍA.

The Akranes Folk Museum, formerly known as the Akranes Museum Centre, consists of a folk museum, an exhibition hall and a few 19th century buildings and boats in Garðar, Akranes, Iceland. The museum houses a few exhibitions, as well as a large open-air museum, which consists mainly of houses and boats, including the old Garðar house and the 86-tonne ketch Sigurfari.

The main purpose of the Akranes Folk Museum is to collect, register, preserve, research and display artefacts and other objects of cultural and historical value for the Akranes area and Iceland. The Akranes Folk Museum is located at Garðar in Akranes, near the town's cemetery. It is easily accessible from Reykjavík via car or bus route 57.

Logo and theme

The seventh edition logo of the Europa Song Contest was previously designed by George Rospier the main producer of Europa Song Contest. The main idea was to transmit something shocking, intense and energetic due to the some issues that the contest was suffering in the last edition. Overcoming those issues between all the producers and participants, led to this magnificient logo and everything is possible if you want to the Do It All which that's where the Support Banners was made them by the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV.


Semi-final allocation draw

The draw that determined the semi-final allocation was held on 10 March 2018 in Borgarnes. The big 6 countries were then drawn to determine in which semi-final each would country vote. The rest of the forty countries were divided into six pots, based on their geographical place. Each time a country was drawn from the pot, its semi-final and half of the semi-final was determined.

The six pots were the following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6

Running order

The running order of the semi-finals and the final of the edition was by producers appointed by both the EBU and the host broadcaster RÚV.

Sneak peeks and betting odds

There were five sneak peeks with one to eight-nine countries in each sneak peek. The countries were divided into the sneak peeks according to the order of the songs announcement with the songs that were announced first being in the first sneak peek. The broadcasters can post their result for each of the sneak peeks ranking the songs from first to last.

The betting odds of the edition are based on the rankings in the sneak peeks. The average rank of each country represented the country's odds to win the contest.

Participating countries

ESC 7 SF Map.svg
     Countries in the first semi-final
     Countries voting in the first semi-final
     Countries in the second semi-final
     Countries voting in the second semi-final
Fifty-two countries confirmed their participation for the edition. Five countries returned to the contest; AustriaFranceSlovakia and Turkey.

However, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Liechtenstein and Montenegro withdrew from the edition

Returning artists

GJan was internally selected to represent Lithuania for the second time; she previously represented the country in the first edition and took the 4th place with 107 points. Francesca Michielin, who represented San Marino in the third edition and Italy in the fifth edition, returned to represent Italy for the second time. Inna was internally selected to represent Romania for the second time; she previously represented the country in the first edition along with Marcus & Seba and took the 17th place with 71 points. The Motans was internally selected to represent Romania for the second time; they previously represented the country in the third edition along with Delia and took the 13th place in the first semi final with 56 points. Gülşen was selected via the national selection to represent Turkey for the second time; she previously represented the country in the first edition and took the 10th place with 98 points


Semi-final 1

Twenty-one countries participate in the first semi-final. AustraliaIceland and Norway also voted in this semi-final. The highlighted countries qualified for the final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Liamere "Sabotage"
02 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Blow "You Killed Me on the Moon"
03 Flag of Spain Spain Luis Cepeda "Esta Vez"
04 Flag of Austria Austria Zoë "Heartbreaker"
05 Flag of Sweden Sweden Robin Stjernberg "Love"
06 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Roksana "Alo, Zvanya ti"
07 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Eva Simons "The One"
08 Flag of Israel Israel Sagi Abitbul & Guy Haliva "Stanga"
09 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna"
10 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Mirai "Když Nemůžeš, Tak Přidej"
11 Flag of France France Tal "Mondial"
12 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Pame Ke Mi Rotas"
13 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Kristína "Ta Ne"
14 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Mané "Before The Storm"
15 Flag of Andorra Andorra Reyko "Spinning Over You"
16 Flag of San Marino San Marino Bianca Atzei "Fire on Ice"
17 Flag of Denmark Denmark Emilie Esther "Inescapable"
18 Flag of Turkey Turkey Gülşen "Dan Dan"
19 Flag of Italy Italy Francesca Michielin "Tropicale"
20 Flag of Moldova Moldova Vanotek ft. Eneli "Back To Me"
21 Flag of Finland Finland Lxandra "Dig Deep"

Semi-Final 2

Twenty-one countries participate in the second semi-final. FYR MacedoniaGreece and Romania also voted in this semi-final. The highlighted countries qualified for the final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Michelle Andrade ft. Mozgi "Amor"
02 Flag of Estonia Estonia Cartoon "On & On"
03 Flag of Belgium Belgium Charlotte "Fuis"
04 Flag of Morocco Morocco Abir "Way Out"
05 Flag of Russia Russia Polina Gagarina "Kamen Na Serdtse"
06 Flag of Albania Albania Elvana "Ku Vajti"
07 Flag of Belarus Belarus Meseda "Peresechenie"
08 Flag of Hungary Hungary Opitz Barbi "Nincs Több Romantika"
09 Flag of Germany Germany Wincent Weiss "An Wunder"
10 Flag of Portugal Portugal Aurea "Done With You"
11 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Dimash Kudaibergen "Screaming"
12 Flag of Malta Malta Brooke Borg Heart of Gold"
13 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania GJan "Confidence"
14 Flag of Poland Poland Kasia Moś ft. Norma John "Wild Eyes"
15 Flag of Armenia Armenia Super Sako ft. Hayko "Mi Gna"
16 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato "Solo"
17 Flag of Serbia Serbia Nikolija "Nema Limita"
18 Flag of Monaco Monaco Lisandro Cuxi "Danser"
19 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Aura "King of Pain"
20 Flag of Croatia Croatia Iva Ćurić "Šećer"
21 Flag of Ireland Ireland Una Healy "Never See Me Cry"


Twenty-six countries participated in the final, with all forty eight participating countries eligible to vote.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
First half
Flag of Australia Australia Peking Duk ft. Sarah Aarons "Fire"
11 Flag of Iceland Iceland Blissful "Find A Way"
Flag of Romania Romania Inna ft. The Motans "Pentru Ca"
Second half
Flag of FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia Bobby Andonov "Faithful"
Flag Of Greece Greece Elena Tsagkrinou "Pame Ap' Tin Arxi"
Flag of Norway Norway Alida "Something About You"

Other countries

Further information: List of countries in the Europa Song Contest

Countries that are active members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are also eligible to participate in the Europa Song Contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members have been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. The following list of countries declined stating their reasons as shown below.

Active EBU members

  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: AzTV announce that the country will take one edition break but they will return in the eight edition.
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: On 17 June 2018, GPB announced that they won't return, adding that they were looking forward to participating in the eighth edition with a national selection.
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: LTV announce that the country will participate in the seventh edition, but later Latvia was forced to withdraw.
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon: Télé Liban announce that the country will not participate in this edition, a possible returning in the eighth edition.
  • Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein: On 7 June 2018, 1FLT announced that the country will participate in the seventh edition but on 6 July 2018, one day before the pre-qualification round, the broadcaster announced that the country will withdraw after the poor results in the previous editions.
  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro: RTCG announce that the country will represented by Slavko Kalezić with the song "Sudnji Dan", but later the country announce that they won't participate.

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