Ani Lorak
Ani Lorak ESC Party 2009 8
Birth name Karolina Miroslavivna Kuiek
(Кароліна Мирославівна Куєк)
Native name Ані Лорак
Born (1978-09-27) 27 1978 (age 40)
Origin Kitsman, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Occupation singer
Instruments voice, piano
Years active 1996–present
Label Moon Records, Lavina Music

Karolina Myroslavivna Kuiek (Ukrainian: Кароліна Мирославівна Куєк, lang-ru, translit. Каролина Мирославовна Куек, alternate of the last name: KuyekKuek), popularly known as Ani Lorak (born 27 September 1978 in Kitsman, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian pop singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and former UN Goodwill Ambassador

Europa Song Contest

The Ukrainian broadcaster (UA:PBC) announce on 16 June 2017 that Ani Lorak will represent Ukraine with the song "Hold My Heart". Ukraine perform in the TBD place in the semi final and finish in the TBD place with TBD points.

Early life

Ani Lorak had a notably tough childhood. Born in Kitsman Western Ukraine, speaking Ukrainian as her native language, Karolina was raised by a single mother. At the age of 6, she and her brothers were placed in a foster home. One of her brothers later died when fighting in Afghanistan. Karolina Kuiek developed the desire to become a singer as early as the age of four. She often performed at various school vocal competitions. In 1992, she took part in the popular contest 'Pervotsvit' and was the winner. It was here where she met her ex-producer Yuriy Falyosa. As a result, at the age of 14 she signed her first professional contract. Kuiek became known as Ani Lorak in March 1995 when she took part in a contest at the television program "Morning Star" in Moscow, Russia. There was a Russian singer with the same name already enrolled in that competition so Kuiek had to invent a stage name. Ani Lorak is the name Karolina read backwards. Ani Lorak moved to Kiev in 1995. By that time her name was well known in Ukrainian show business. She became even more popular after winning the "Big Apple Music 1996 Competition" in New York, U.S.. She was named "Discovery of the Year" at the popular Ukrainian festival "Tavria Games" in 1996. The same year she released her first album "I Want to Fly".


Year Single Chart Positions
Ukraine Russia Sweden
1998 "Ya Vernus'"
2000 "Zerkala" 1
2001 "Tam, De Ty Ye"
"Poludneva Speka"
"Potsiluy" 5
2004 "Moi Bazhannya"
"Try Zvychnyh Slova"
"Mriy Pro Mene"
2005 "A Little Shot Of Love " 18 10
"Car Song"
"100 kisses"
with Oleksandr Ponomaryov
2006 "Розкажи"
"Tell me"
2007 "Верни мою любовь"
"Return my love"
feat. V. Meladze
2 37
"С первого взгляда"
"From first view"
"Я с тобой"
"I'm with you"
2008 "Shady Lady" (Eurovision entry) 1 21 57
"Я стану морем"
"I will become the sea"
1 1
2009 "А дальше…"
"And More..."
1 10
2010 "Небеса - ладони"
"Heaven - palm"
19 15
2010 "Нежность рассвета"
"Tenderness of a dawn"
15 32
2010 "Для тебя"
"For you"
1 1
2011 "Спроси"
2011 "Не дели любовь"
"Don't Divide Love"
2011 "Я буду солнцем"
"I Will Be the Sun"
2012 "Обними меня крепче"
"Hold Me Tight"
2012 "Обними меня"
"Hold Me"
2012 "Зажигай сердце"
"Kindle the Heart"
2013 "Оранжевые сны"
"Orange dreams"
1; 15;